Suggested Reading

The required reading is Chemistry by Stephen Zumdahl.

Supplemental Resources:

To start off, you can start studying from the link provided: You will need to create an account but the content itself is free. It is great for elementary resources and starting readings. 


The link below has all the free resources for all the subjects such as virtual labs and chapter by chapter quizzes.

Class Logs

What was Covered and Homework


Chemistry Syllabus

Based off of Material Covered in "Chemistry: 10th Edition" by Stephen Zumdahl

Elements, Compounds, and Gases

All Around Us

-Periodicity & Periodic Trends
-Bond Types & Electron Configurations
-Ideal Gases and Gas Laws

Reactions & Equilibrium Chemistry

What Makes Things go Boom

-Types of Chemical Reactions (Review)
-Equilibrium, Keq, and Equilibrium Chemistry
-Le Chatelier's Principle

Acids and Bases

The Yin and Yang of Chemistry

-Acid-Base Equilibria
-Buffer Systems

The Rest

Everything Else

-Thermochemistry & Thermodynamics
-Organic Chemistry
-Solubility Rules & Equilibria

Chemistry Team

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Team President